Assessment, Grading & Awards

We see the need for feedback as much as is necessary we assess the level of understanding of our learners by assessing and grading them in assignments, tests, exams, seminar papers, research reports and case studies.

Assessment: Assignments, Testing & Reports

Learners will be assessed between commencement and the end of their respective programmes. The approved assessment methods are assignments, testing or exams and reports (case studies, research reports or seminars). For assignments and reports, the email based communication will be adopted. But for tests or exams, the following methods will be adopted:

The test is an open book exams or those you may not be required to even refer to books at all. Below are three modes by which our exams and tests can be conducted:

  1. Postal-based test: In this case, questions as well as reading materials might be supplied through the post. It applies to those outside internet network coverage. The learner bears the cost. This is not being considered at present.
  2. Email-based test: This mode is presently is use though can be used along the online mode. Learners are emailed the test for them to respond through the same mode. Communication can only be through the email registered with us.
  3. Online or Portal-based test: Here, learners are examined through an online-based testing platform. Learners are provided IDs to log on and certain rules apply in this case.
  4. There is presently no examination or submission fee.

Evaluation, Grading & Awards

Grading will be useful for those who desire to use the results for further studies or as proof of performance elsewhere. And while we do score and grade the individual modules, we however grade the final result based on average scores and corresponding grade. The grades are not stated on the certificate. This will be more appropriate for those who just desire certification for work-based purpose only. But where learners request for transcripts, all scores and grades are noted.

The following are the assessment procedures for the different courses and programmes.

Evaluations are conceived, developed and administered on a rigorous though fair basis to bring out the best in learners and prepare them for challenging careers. A learner’s performance is evaluated as below.

Total scores and grades are based on the accumulation of the Assignments (25%), Tests/Exams (50%) and Seminars/Research Reports/Case Studies (25%) as may be applicable.

Scoring and Grading are as follows:

ScoresGradesGrade PointsGrade Descriptions
80-89B4Very Good

To qualify for a pass grade, the cut-off is a grade D. Grade E means exams may be retaken without penalties otherwise, learners below this must apply for re-taking papers/modules with penalties.

Request for hard copy certificates, mark sheets, transcripts and testimonials require the payment of a fee to cover postage and administrative costs. Extraneous charges are applied where it is not available as default.