Basic FAQs
Benefits of Online Programs
What are the documents required for meeting eligibility criteria?

Should original documents be scanned and uploaded for online form?
Yes. Originals should not be sent by post. However, verification or self-attestation of copies of original documents is mandatory.

How many photocopies of the documents should be submitted to University? What about photographs?
How many? Does the document have to be attested? By whom?

Uploaded or sent documents by email are all that are required. Further photocopies and passport size photographs where required in future will be communicated. Photocopies must be self-attested.

Will the tests/examinations be conducted online?
Yes. The Online Mode could be email, portal or web-based.

What is the break up (if any) between assignments, tests/exams and report?
Every module has been given specific break up of awarding marks for assignments, tests/exams and reports, as follow: Assignment – 25%, Tests/Exams – 50% and Reports – 25%.

Are there any entrance exams for the courses?
No. Just the assessment of all required and submitted documents.

Will the medium of instruction for all courses be in English?
Yes. English is the only language of instruction and communication.

How frequently will tests/exams be conducted? Are there any fixed dates?
Once admitted, you are advised by email of the schedule of your programme from start to completion. While a high level of discipline is required, you are expected to adhere strictly by the schedule. The tests/exams will normally be conducted at the end of the instruction of each module and course.

How long does it take for results and certificates to be out?
A week after course completion, the results are advised the learners while certificate, as required, are made available within two weeks thereon.

What is the procedure for course change? Within how many days of original enrolment, can the learner change? If yes, what is the fee applicable?

Which document will be the basis for the name of the candidate?
Name as printed in the documents required for enrolment will be the basis of candidate’s name. However, request for modification of difference in such may be granted subject to submitted documents which should be self-attested where applicable.

Will other developing countries outside Africa be treated as foreign students? What are the different eligibility criteria for such countries? Will enrolment fee be applicable?
Yes, other developing countries outside Africa will be treated as foreign countries. Case-by-case considerations may be applied as required.
Fee: Developing countries’ candidates must pay the fee prescribed as foreign or non-African learners.

What are the different eligibility criteria for foreign (non-African) candidates?
Eligibility criteria for admission into any course are same as that of domestic (African) candidates. However, while though all the courses are free, foreign candidates are required to pay enrolment fee which covers the cost of administration (somewhat a donation) towards continued offering of these free programmes.

What will be the approximate fees for tests/exams?
No examination fee for all courses/programmes. All courses are free except where registration fees are required.

For repeaters, will they have to pay per paper or the course as a whole?

What is the maximum validity after registration for a particular course and penalty?
For all courses/programmes, the maximum validity for completion is as stated as the minimum validity period. Extension, which can be granted on request, attracts USD7.50 per month for every additional month. Up to a maximum of additional three months after which the enrolment expires and learner re-apply for enrolment.

What about certificate and mark sheet/transcript and testimonial? What are the fees?
Fee-paying learners are entitled to the certificate and testimonial by soft copies only. Request for hard copies or mark sheet should be made separately and administrative charges will apply.
For free programmes, soft copy of certificate of completion may be made available on request.

What is the cancellation policy of the School?
Cancellation is not allowed.

Is there any provision for fee reimbursement?
There are no fee concessions or reimbursements for fee-charging programmes. Free learning option students are not required to pay fees.