Discovering BSA The School & The Organization

Business School Africa (BSA) recognizes the exponential growth capacity of knowledge. Rather than focus on academics, we connect with industry to enhance knowledge and add skills to learners. BSA affords affordable high quality and recognized management programmes with applied work contents with a view to enhancing the capacity of the African people. Certain programmes of these are offered freely to learners of Africa descent and based in Africa based on advised terms and conditions.

The Profiles & Enterprise Associates (also called The PEAssociates, for short), of which BSA is a part, contributes capital in form of ideas, training and other business resources to firms, so that they are able to pool diverse wealth together and therefore provide value and deliver results. It works with organizations to align employees, managers and businesses with the required culture to drive business strategies.

We provide diverse business solutions and supports required by businesses to equip employees and grow the business, ranging from funding, research, talent management and resourcing supports, as well as publishing, etc. We design and deliver the processes and tools required to implement change and up-skill through knowledge transfer that will bridge the gap between strategic execution and the alignment of employees to business goals.

PEAssociates is a multi-functional and international company with distinct subsidiary for training which underscores the fact that knowledge is at the bedrock of our existence. The PEAssociates thus provides individualized and corporate trainings, drive knowledge, and offer consulting services in areas of business analysis, project management, IT and quality projects. We are focused on improving business performances through the combined models of professional and business developments. See The PEAssociates Corporate Brochure for more information.


Who We Are: Welcome to BSA – The African Path
Business School Africa (BSA) is a leading school of applied management and leadership development. BSA shores off The PEAssociates’ licensure, developing values-driven individuals and organisations. Our work finds its base and expressions in today’s market realities adding currently required skills, knowledge and values.

With a vision and a unique approach, Business School Africa (BSA) is positioned as an innovative school offering 100+ industry-focussed specialized courses in business and its applied areas. Our expertise in education, finance and risk, energy, management, policy development and programme management across a wide industry enable us to deliver appropriately.

Business School Africa was conceived in 2014 through the educational enterprise of The PEAssociates. With an ambitious vision and unique approach, BSA has gradually emerged as an innovative school offering industry-focussed specialized graduate, professional and executive training in key areas of business and the applied fields.

Founded by educationists and industry experts, BSA is committed to maintain high standards in providing quality training. The School endeavours to be the recognized leader in professional and executive education with a progressive vision of creating specialized professionals in the core sectors that can contribute to business success and the economic growth of the Africa place.

The objective of the BSA is to develop and emphasize domain-specific and competent technocrats, professionals and managers who are ready to join the core industries. Advanced instructional methodologies, innovative and up-to-date curricula, and the focus on ‘on-the-job exposure’ give BSA learners the edge to be readily deployable into chosen career fields.

BSA has made a steady growth since its start becoming a school of choice for learners – individuals and corporates – in business and the applied sectors. The progressive learning aspect is further enriched with continuous development and inclusion of new programmes. R & D activities are carried out rigorously and the constituent divisions to generate new knowledge are well structured.

More information is available at BSA Brochure.

Why BSA?
Because your undergraduate or master’s degree certification might not just be enough. Your degree does not indeed guarantee your success nor your promotion, and may not get you a job. This is why most people are just paid mediocre salaries. Our courses and programmes generate opportunities for career advancement, income increase, wealth creation and the expansion of your sphere of influence.

We assist individuals and organisations to accomplish their goals and objectives by giving life to their potentials. Our programmes and courses are designed to inspire and transform you and your organisations.

The outcome has you as an analytical thinker, emotionally intelligent, problem-solver and values-driven person who has developed positive values, attitudes and behaviours required for success.

You are welcomed to follow this path, enhance your values and reach for the trophy ahead.

To be a premier and foremost African institute with state-of-the-art facilities and delivery platform to provide world-class online and distance education, training, research, consultancy, and outreach services in the different industries and sectors of the African economy.

To be an African leader in offering of practice-based training and education.

Our vision is to become one of the leading research-driven graduate business schools in Africa, on the basis of excellence in teaching and its intellectual impact on the business world, attracting outstanding learners from all over the world.

Our mission is to educate visionary leaders of tomorrow who will act as agents of change and help shape the future business world by pushing forward the frontiers of knowledge related to the management of business organizations, while making that knowledge relevant to practitioners. Generating and disseminating knowledge represent our twin objectives.

Why Study With Us?

Team & Faculty
We have a rich team with incredible professional experiences across continents. Also is a team of faculty members who are specialists and experts from their industries, working for small and big organisations. This will ensure you benefit appropriately from their combined wealth of knowledge and the profit of their feats in their various organisations and endeavours. They serve mostly as volunteers and are ready to contribute to your growth.

Director’s Message: Welcome to BSA!
When you think of Africa, normally you think of farms, games and reserves, and as well poverty, but as a manager you will associate Africa with emerging markets, new ventures and increasing investments, entrepreneurship, trade and effective management.

It is becoming the attraction of the best of investments bearing so much untapped opportunities especially its natural resource wealth. It is thus okay to say that Africa represents the world’s future – including human.

Here at Business School Africa (BSA), we are drifting from theories that are more the focus in many business and management schools, to action and real applications. This is a new approach, a new philosophy and somewhat a strange strategy that will change the landscape and transform people, turn around businesses and add immensely to the society.

Established in 2014, BSA has evolved as a centre of excellence for industry-based learning and offers courses across diverse domains such as IT, energy, public policy, logistics, infrastructure, etc. BSA was founded to help the African business environment grow and succeed.

From experience, traditional programmes have become too academic and theoretical but without applied methodology for graduates to appreciate effectively. Thus, the need to blend theory with practice. BSA hence offers work-applied programmes. Our programmes are specifically to enhance the capacity of the African people. This is the unique position which BSA stands for and which we are building towards.

I believe that after reading the brochure, you too will be excited about this new approach.

Olayinka Binuomoyo, ACE, CRCMP
Concept Founder & Director, Business School Africa (BSA)