Free Programmes

Graduate Learning: 1. Skills Development Programme (SDP): This comprises of soft skill courses focussing on developing aptitudes and skills of the young graduates, interns or new work entrants in one area or the other. Such skills here include communication (speaking/writing), personal effectiveness, finance, the Microsoft office, project management, emotional intelligence and leadership among the lots. Read further under the Free Programmes and also see the catalogue for further information.
2. Management Development Programme (MDP): This refers to both personal development programme and young entrant capability programme. The courses offered are expected to enhance the functional capability of the learners. Read further under the Free Programmes and also see the catalogue for further information.

Under the MDP, learners are expected to articulate their personal development plans (PDPs) having set their career or job goals. 
The first step in the PDP process is to identify your learning needs for a success on your job. To successfully achieve this, it will be useful to adopt a holistic approach by considering the following:


Program content is highly customized to meet learners’ specific learning needs and will serve as foundational platform for more advanced modules.
Learners shortlisted for the learning interventions will be duly advised of the dates and time. The programme is a team learning and run by batches. Learners email contacts are shared with one another.
You can be assured that the knowledge and skills acquired will translate into superior business performance.
The best way to learning is by doing, which brings about the concept of on-the-job training. Our programs allow you to study while working thus helping you to effectively apply knowledge acquired to your job. Focused areas include but not limited to the following:
Estate Planning; Bank Telling (Bank Teller course); Customer Services Offering; Selling & Marketing: Bank; Selling & Marketing: FCMG; Selling & Marketing: Insurance; Selling & Marketing: Consumer Goods; Selling & Marketing: Estate & Properties; Credit Analysis; Pension Funds Management; Retirement Planning; Effective Presentation Skills; Effective Business Writing; Basic Banking Operations; Basic Financial Statement Analysis; Customer Experience Training; Personal Effectiveness; Basic Accounting; Laboratory Techniques. Others are Business Education; Construction Management; Hospitality Management; Human Resource Management; Human Resource Development; Journalism Education; Mass Communication Education; Criminal Justice;
Paralegal Studies; Fraud Examination; Fundamentals of Child Development; Basic Certificate in Child Development; Intermediate Certificate in Child Development; Education; Instructional Technology; Professional Studies in Hospitality Management; Organizational Psychology; Project Management; Public Administration Education; Quality Management; Real Estate Management; Adult Education; Applied Arts Education; Assessment & Evaluation; Biblical Studies; Child Psychology; Marriage & Counselling; Corrections; Counselling Psychology; Crime Scene Investigation; Criminal Justice Administration; Criminology; Criminal Justice Education; Criminal Justice Studies; Criminal Justice Technology; Curriculum & Instruction; Early Education; Educational Administration; Educational Leadership; Educational Psychology; General Psychology; Healthcare Administration; Health Education; Health Sciences; Human Services; Interior Design; Investigation; Juvenile Justice; Legal Office Management; Legal Studies; Occupational Health & Safety; Occupational Health & Education; Paralegal Studies; Policing; Political Science Education; Private Security; Religious Studies; Security & Risk Management; Urban Education; Theology; Biblical Counselling; Teaching Assistant; Technology in Education; Teaching & Learning; Special Education; Social Work Administration; Social Work; Social Services Technology; Social Services Education; Social Service Studies; Social Sciences; Social & Behavioural Sciences; Life Sciences (options in Medical Lab Technology/Nursing Technology); Public Health;  Health Records; Community Development; Gender Studies; Inclusive Development; Fashion Technology; Hospital Management; Gerontology; CSR; Educational Administration; E-Learning; Life Skills & Management; Pedagogy; Inclusive Training & Development; Farming Techniques; Human Rights; NGO Studies; Forensic Psychology and Criminal Investigation; Applied Psychology; Management of Health Systems; International Public Health; Technology and Intellectual Property Law; Higher Education; Safety Management; Quality Management; Conflict & Negotiation Management; Applied Professional Studies (options in Policing)

Professional Programme: Industry-driven international qualifications targeted at building strategic competence, giving the professionals the ability to formulate strategic direction and advice, in terms of change management, stakeholder management and team leadership. Read further under the Free Programmes and also see the catalogue for further information. Focused areas include but not limited to the following:

Business & Management
Business Analysis; Strategic Human Resource Management; Business Administration; Human Capital Development & Management; Business Management; Management & Leadership; Church Administration & Management; Business Channel Management; Media Management; Performance Management; Service Management; Economic Management; Consulting Business; Risk Analysis & Management; Business Ethics & Compliance; Marketing Management; Sales Management; Export-Import; Management; International Business; School Management; Acquisition & Contracting

IT, Projects & Operations
Project Management; Operations Management; Information Systems Management; Commercial Enterprise in IT; Systems Management; Telecoms Management; Strategic Supply Chain Management; Logistics Management

Public Management & Governance
Public Administration; Public Management; International NGOs Management; Public Policy & Administration; Public Policy & Management; International Relations Strategy

Economics, Finance & Pensions
Business Finance for Managers; Global Finance; Islamic Finance Management; Islamic Insurance (Takaful) Management; Financial Management; Microenterprise Finance; Private Banking; Commercial Banking; Islamic Banking; Retail Banking; Corporate & Business Banking; Banking Operations; Banking Management; Pension Funds Management; Insurance Management; Social Security & Management

Health, Medical & Pharmaceuticals
Health Management; Healthcare Systems Management; Laboratory Management; Clinical Management; Health Information Management; Health Insurance Management

Hospitality, Tourism & Events
Events Management; Travel & Tourism Management; Sports Management; Catering Management; Hotel & Resort Management

Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Strategy
Entrepreneurship Management; Small Business Ventures; Apparel & Fashion Management

Agriculture, Environment & Development
Environmental Management; Environment & Development; Natural Resource-Based Livelihoods Extension; Development Administration & Management; Development Policy, Practice & Process; Applied Development Studies; Tropical Agricultural Development; Communication for Development; Social Development & Sustainable Livelihoods; Development Finance; Education & Training for Development

Power Management; Oil & Gas Management; Petroleum Marketing; Energy Management; Energy Business

Research & Field Practice
Epidemiological Principles & Practice; Research & Study Skills

Executive Programme: Leadership-based qualifications comprising of management and leadership courses. The programme serves the wide range of levels from managerial to those in or aspiring to senior positions in all sectors. Read further under the Free Programmes and also see the catalogue for further information. Focused areas include but not limited to the following:
Management & Leadership: Managing Change; Strategic Management; Strategic Leadership; Leadership Ethics; Leadership Values; Leadership Culture; Management Process & Organizational Behaviour; Organizational Management & Ethics
Innovation  & Strategy: Decision-Making Analysis; Problem Analysis & Management; Economic Decision Analysis; Corporate Strategy; The Creative Economy & Entrepreneurship; The Strategy Process; Competitive Strategy; Strategic Change; International Strategy; Value Creation and Innovation
Finance & Accounting: Costs Management; Financial Management; Financial Risk Management; Anti-Money Laundering course; Know Your Customer course; Due Diligence course; Tier 1 Basel Accounts – CBN Banking Accounts; Tier 2 Basel Accounts – CBN Banking Accounts; Tier 3 Basel Accounts – CBN Banking Accounts; Mobile Money & Banking; Banking Services Management I – CRM; Banking Services Management II – Relationship Management; Banking Services Management III – Sales & Marketing; Banking Services Management IV – Back Office Support; Banking Services Management V – Operations; Banking Services Management VI – Treasury Management; Banking Services Management VII – Credit Management Financial Services I – Basic; Financial Services II – Intermediate; Financial Services III – Advanced
Business Practice: CSR Basics (Principles, Stakeholders & Sustainability); CSR Fundamentals (The Issues & Fundamentals); CSR Intermediate (Strategy & Leadership); Corporate Governance; Business Risk Management; Marketing Strategy; Business Process & Strategy; The Environment of Business; Corporate Ethics I (The Fundamentals); Corporate Ethics II (Lessons & Case Studies); Corporate Law & Governance; Service Quality Management; Basics of Services; Legal framework of Business; CRM Strategies; Compliance Management
Public Administration & Governance: Peace & Conflict Resolution; Global Crisis Management; Social Change & Servant Leadership; Strategic Management and Governance Plan; The Practice of Diplomacy; The Law & the Non-profits/NGO Sector; Project Management for Sustainable Development
Hospitality, Tourism, Events & Sports: Hospitality, Organizational Behaviour & Business Ethics; Events Management; Sports Management Practice; Corporate Event Project Management; Events Operations Project Planning; Risk Management for Events; Design in International Events; Business Strategy in Events
Environment & Development: Environmental Sustainability; Sustainable Development; Project Management for Sustainable Development; Sustainable International Development; Environmental Issues, Sustainable Development & International Relations; CSR Basics (Principles, Stakeholders & Sustainability); CSR Fundamentals (The Issues & Fundamentals); CSR Intermediate (Strategy & Leadership)
Culture & Religion: Ethnic & Religious Conflict Resolution; Civil Law & Church Law for Church Administration; Cross-Cultural Management; Diversity Management
Facilities & Logistics: Projects Risk Management; Property Investment & Risk Analysis; Project Quality & Assurance; Quality Management; Quality Management Systems; Quality Planning & Implementation; Quality Techniques; Facility Management
Legal & Ethics: Legal & Ethical Framework; Fraud Management; Information: Policy & Applications; Human Rights; Work Ethics
Human & Social Service: People Management; Community Service; Volunteering
Health, Medical & Pharmaceuticals: Drug Quality Assurance & Inventory Control; Health Policy & Economics; Health Insurance; Issues in Quality Management for Healthcare Systems; Principles & Strategies for Managed Health Care; Community Health Assessment & Planning; Healthcare Administration & Management; Health Policy & Economics; Health Insurance; Quality Management in Healthcare Services; Finance, Economics & Planning in Healthcare Services; Hospital Organization, Operations & Planning; Hospital & Healthcare Information Management; Medical Ethics & Legal Aspects; Regulations & Ethics in Laboratory Operations; Organization & Management of Laboratories; pharmacovigilance; emergency health services; medical ethics, etc.

The Africa Programme at BSA offers courses of deep African needs to all learners irrespective of their citizenship. The idea is to enhance knowledge and varied contribution to the challenges facing Africa. Such course tracks include public health, agriculture, developments, environment, security, business and finance, etc. Read further under the Africa Programme and also see the catalogue for further information. Focused areas include but not limited to the following:

Courses Offered

African Certificate Course
1 Month Duration: January - June

African Diploma Course
2 months: September - December

  • International Business in Africa
  • African Financial Management
  • African Business Administration
  • Hospitality Management in Africa
  • African Economics 
  • Human Resourcing in Africa 
  • Corporate Finance in Africa
  • Marketing in Africa
  • Public Administration in Africa
  • Commerce in Africa
  • African Journalism
  • Tourism Administration in Africa
  • Retail Management in Africa
  • Business Management in Africa
  • Carbon Finance
  • Advertising & Marketing in Africa
  • Advertising & Brand Management in Africa
  • Forex Management in Africa
  • Mass Communication in Africa
  • Business English
  • Entrepreneurial Skills
  • Farming
  • Environment Fundamentals
  • Community Health
  • Healthcare Studies
  • Social Media in Africa
  • Nursing Skills
  • Business Engineering in Africa
  • Diplomatic Africa
  • Municipal Administration
  • The Merchandise Economy
  • African Policing
  • Terrorism Studies
  • Community Service
  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • Business & Society
  • Business strategy
  • Business Communication
  • Political Strategy
  • Business Negotiation
  • Small Ventures Management
  • Community Pharmacy
  • Local & Municipal Governance
  • Fiscal Studies
  • Electioneering Studies in Africa
  • Africa-China: The Politics & Economics
  • Social Studies
  • Innovation Africa
  • Local Trade in Africa
  • Fashion Studies
  • Customs & Religions
  • Child Studies
  • Women Studies
  • Conflicts in Africa
  • African Business Management
  • African Financial Management
  • Materials Management in Africa
  • Human Resource Management in Africa
  • Marketing Management in Africa
  • Export Management
  • Logistic & Supply Chain Management
  • Environmental Studies
  • Advertising And Brand Management in Africa
  • Insurance Management in Africa
  • African Legal & Business Environment
  • International Business in Africa
  • Journalism & Mass Communication in Africa
  • NGO Management
  • Hospitality Management
  • African Economic Development
  • Business Information Management
  • African Business Laws
  • African Agricultural Economics
  • Public Finance
  • Research Techniques in Africa
  • African Economics
  • African Money Markets
  • African Financial Markets
  • Resource Economics
  • Energy Economics
  • Economic Development
  • Economic Policy
  • African Agriculture: Markets
  • African Agriculture: Institutions
  • African Agriculture: Technology
  • African Agriculture: Finance
  • African Agriculture: Microenterprise
  • African Agriculture: Small Holding
  • African Agriculture: Government Policy
  • African Agriculture: Foreign Aid
  • Environmental Economics
  • Project Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Hospital Records
  • Petroleum and Natural Gas
  • Business Administration
  • Banking in Africa
  • Public Administration in Africa
  • African E-Business
  • Public Health
  • Health Management
  • Product Development in Africa
  • Agribusiness
  • Foreign Relations
  • Procurement
  • Merchandising Economics
  • Social Security
  • Community Relations