Learning Options

As a distance & online education and training provider, we primarily use email services to provide the materials through the internet by email thus enabling even the most remote learner to study with BSA and receive their study materials on a consistent and regular basis.

As learners receive their study materials they undertake and complete the study through email and internet – typically home or office. The assignment material is open book and is designed to test the learner’s comprehension of the resources provided, or “competency” in the subject. Assignments are in the form or multiple choice questions, short answer questions, study guides and reports.

Practical experience is gained and developed through active participation on the job, in life, and at community-based service, this practical experience is formally documented in a learner portfolio of evidence to demonstrate competence.

BSA offers two learning options: Free Learning Option and Fee-based Learning Option.

The Free Learning Option offers free online management and leadership training courses which will teach you management and leadership skills in business, allied and applied career fields. They are designed to perfectly suit your career as a new graduate or student preparing for a career in the workplace, busy professional or executive so as to help balance work, family and leisure time.

The features of the offering are:

BSA is dedicated to the provision of practical and informative courses through our free programmes learning options.

The following free programmes are available:
1. Skills Development Programme (SDP): This comprises of soft skill courses focussing on developing aptitudes and skills of the young graduates, interns or new work entrants in one area or the other. Such skills here include communication (speaking/writing), personal effectiveness, finance, the Microsoft office, project management, emotional intelligence and leadership among the lots. Read further under the Free Programmes and also see the catalogue for further information.

2. Management Development Programme (MDP): This refers to both personal development programme and young entrant capability programme. The courses offered are expected to enhance the functional capability of the learners. Read further under the Free Programmes and also see the catalogue for further information.

B. PROFESSIONAL PROGRAMME: Industry-driven international qualifications targeted at building strategic competence, giving the professionals the ability to formulate strategic direction and advice, in terms of change management, stakeholder management and team leadership. Read further under the Free Programmes and also see the catalogue for further information.

C. EXECUTIVE PROGRAMME: Leadership-based qualifications comprising of management and leadership courses. The programme serves the wide range of levels from managerial to those in or aspiring to senior positions in all sectors. Read further under the Free Programmes and also see the catalogue for further information.

D. AFRICA PROGRAMME: The Africa Programme at BSA offers courses of deep African needs to all learners irrespective of their citizenship. The idea is to enhance knowledge and varied contribution to the challenges facing Africa. Such course tracks include public health, agriculture, developments, environment, security, business and finance, etc. Read further under the Africa Programme and also see the catalogue for further information.

The Fee-based (Registration) Learning Option refers to those courses for which fees are though charged but are also reduced considerably. The following are fee-based courses:
A. MASTERCLASS PROGRAMME: Industry-driven masters-level qualifications targeted at enhancing professional mastering of the field. The programme integrates both the professional and the executive outlooks. The MasterClass programme is a formal recognition of professional development and adding of skills and knowledge at the executive stage of career with commitment to continuous learning. Read further under the MasterClass Programme and also see the catalogue for further information.

B. MINI-MBA/-MBL PROGRAMMES: This is an intensive program that fosters a strong sense of management and leadership. Case studies analyses of the lives of notable innovators and leaders are done with exposure to trends and opportunities in industries like energy, environment, pharmaceuticals, finance, marketing, consulting, HR, or supply chain. Read further under the mini-MBA/-MBL Programmes and also see the respective catalogues for further information.

C. CERTIFICATIONS PROGRAMME: There is increasing need to deepen understanding of the different fields of study with benefit of evidence in certification to the learners. Thus, the certification emphasis focusses on deepening learners’ understanding, bringing huge benefits to employees’ organisations and enhancing their labour marketability through certification. Our certification offerings go beyond just the business area but also health, IT, logistics, telecoms, statistics and other business applied fields. Read further under the Certifications Programme and also see the catalogue for further information.

D. SPECIALTIES & CUSTOMISED PROGRAMMES: Our custom programme not only helps develop individual and organisational capabilities, they transform the way you think. Starting with a detailed needs analysis, we will work with you to understand how to address the issues you face. Together we will create a tailor-made programme to achieve your objectives. Crucially this programme will interact with your business/organisation on many levels. Here, you will make the choice from our available expert areas in which you desire to study. Read further under the Customised Programme and also see the catalogue for further information.

Specialties programme is closed time programme offering that is only available in certain period of time when it is advertised. It ensures that participants are able to focus on a specialty, or pursue a wider overview across many subjects. It serves as a means of intervention in the business economy allowing personalized intellectual exploration. It also ensures alignment of learning to your business or organisation strategy. The courses are carefully selected as interventions strategy to enable us equips learners with the required knowledge and skills for improved business performance. Some of the key focus learning areas include but not limited to the following:

The Masters of Certificate (MCert) is the qualification awarded on completion of the programme.