The mini masters of business administration and leadership (mini-MBA/-MBL) Programmes are intensive programmes that foster a strong sense of management and leadership. Case studies analyses of the lives of notable innovators and leaders are done with exposure to trends and opportunities in industries like energy, environment, pharmaceuticals, finance, marketing, consulting, HR, or supply chain. Read further under the mini-MBA/-MBL Programmes and also see the respective catalogues for further information. Focused areas include but not limited to the following:

  1. Accounting & Finance: course tracks include Banking, Wealth & Investment, forensic accounting, pension and social security
  2. Fashion, Interiors & Designs
  3. Health, Medical & Pharmaceuticals: course tracks include Clinical practice, Medical Laboratory Science, nursing practice, healthcare informatics
  4. Business, Economics & Management: course tracks include crime and security, sustainable business, business analytics, business intelligence, business leadership, sports management, marketing, retailing, HRM, human capital, corporate social responsibility (CSR), entrepreneurship, small business management, internet marketing, e-business, workplace conflict management, community economic development; Accounting; Administration & Supervision; Advertising; Banking & Financial Institutions; Business Administration; Business & Human Relations; Business Management; Economics; Financial Studies; Entrepreneurship; Finance; HRD & Management; International Business; International Business Administration; Leadership; Executive Management; Management; Marketing Management; Marketing Management & Business Administration; Operations Management; Product & Brand Management; Public Administration; Retail Management; Sport Communication; Sport Management; Sport Development; Sport Psychology; Sport Science; Economics; Financial Management; Clean Development Mechanism; Business & CSR; HRM & CSR; Micro & Small Enterprise Development; NGO Management; Business in Emerging Markets; Entrepreneurship; Finance and Accounting; International Business; Leadership; Marketing; Corporate Finance; Global Human Resource Management; Global Marketing; International Accounting and Finance; International Accounting and Finance - Emerging Markets; International Accounting and Finance - International Financial Reporting; International Accounting and Finance - Strategic Finance Practice; International Management; International Management - Management of Health Systems; International Business Law; International Finance and Banking Law; Strategic Management; International Business; Management Accounting; Islamic Banking & Finance; International Taxation; International Banking & Finance; Business Management; International Business Management; Tourism Management; Economic Engineering; Financial Engineering; Business Information Technology; Entrepreneurial Strategy.
  5. Information Systems & Telecoms: course tracks include IT management, Computer & IT, Statistics & Data Sciences, as well as Communication Sciences. Others are Information Studies; Business Communications; Management Information Systems; Journalism; Mass Communication; Business Information Systems; IT & Applied Sciences; Computer Science; Computer Science & IT Education; fire Services; Information Technology; Network Management; Telecommunications; Web Development; Bioinformatics; Media & Communication; Statistics (with Computer Application); Data Analytics; Systems Management; Effective Communication; Digital Library & Knowledge Management; Network Management & Administration; Web Designs & Development; Office Automation & Assistive Technologies; Computer Security; Information Systems and Technology; Information Systems Management; Internet Systems; Software Engineering; Project Management - Information Technology; Information Security & Digital Assurance Management; IT Management; Forensic Computing; Information System Security & Intelligent Systems; Internet Technology; Multimedia Technology; Enterprise Computing; Web Media Technology; Media Marketing; Media Informatics; Technology Management; Data Science; Security System Integration; Network Security Technology; Electronics (Computer & Networking/Wireless Lan); Social Media & Web Development; Digital Audio & Video Production; Info-Communications Technology (Cloud Computing/Networking & Systems Administration); Mobile Systems & Services; Security Technology; Business Systems Administration.
  6. Research, Education & Training: course tracks include quantitative analysis, qualitative analysis
  7. Media, PR & Communication: course tracks include social media, music business, the Nollywood
  8. Hospitality, Tourism & Events
  9. Transport, Logistics & Planning: course tracks include environmental planning, planning, urban planning, building management, infrastructure planning, industrial sustainability, project management, supply chain management, transportation, logistics and supply chain management, warehousing, procurement and supplies, etc. others are Aviation Management; Logistics Management; Operations and Supply Chain Management - Procurement and Sourcing; Project Management; Project Management - Construction and Infrastructure; Logistics; Logistics Management; Inventory & Warehouse Management; Purchasing & Supply; Procurement & Supply.
  10. Politics, Legal Studies & Governance: course tracks include public policy, diplomacy, public management, public administration
  11. Facilities & Properties: sustainable design, sustainable construction, building services management
  12. Energy: course tracks include oil management, power management, gas management, power economics, oil economics, petroleum economics, sustainable energy planning, sustainable energy management, energy policy, energy management, renewable energy management, energy sustainability, energy efficiency, global energy, global energy management.

    Range of programmes offered here also includes energy, resources and environmental studies, as well as Sustainable Management; Environmental Management; Environmental Genomics; Environment & CSR; International Management - Oil and Gas; Operations and Supply Chain Management; Operations and Supply Chain Management - Oil and Gas; Project Management - Oil and Gas; Petroleum Economics (with emphasis on exploration, development & production/ refining & products/ pipelines/crude oil & product markets/policy & regulation/upstream/downstream/pricing); Renewable Energy (options in Wind/Solar/Biofuels/Hydro/R&D and Emerging Technologies/Policy & Regulation); Natural Gas (options in exploration, development & production/ refining & products/ pipelines/markets & prices/policy & regulation/ local distribution); Coal (options in mining techniques & production/transportation/markets & prices/policy & regulation); Energy & the Environment (with options in Climate Change & the Green House Gases/Emissions/Environmental Market design/R & D and Emerging Technologies/Policy & Regulation); Energy and the Economy (options in Energy & Economic Growth/ Energy & Economic Development/ Socioeconomics and Equity/ Energy Poverty/ Sustainable Development); Energy Studies (options in General Energy Studies/ Energy Law & Policy/ Energy Economics/ Energy Finance/ Energy Policy); Energy Modelling (options as Energy Data, Modelling, and Analysis/ Sectoral Energy Demand & Technology/ Energy Efficiency & Conservation/ Forecasting/ Integrated System Modelling); Electricity (options in Power Generation Technologies; Transmission/ Local Distribution/ Cross Border Sales & Distribution/ Distributed Generation/ Markets & Prices/ R&D and Emerging Technologies/Policy & Regulation); Energy Investment & Finance (options in Public & Private Risks/ Risk Management/ Trading Strategies & Financial Instruments/ Project Finance/ Corporate Strategy); Energy Security and Geopolitics (options as follows: Geopolitics & Energy/ Energy Security/ Regional Analysis/ International Energy Organisations); Energy Management; Energy Commerce/ Petroleum Management/Commerce; Environmental Law; Environmental Management; Environmental Law & Policy; Oil & Gas Economics; Environmental & the Environment; Agricultural Management; Farming Studies, etc.

  13. Applied & Interdisciplinary: course tracks include quantitative studies, qualitative studies
  14. Agriculture, Environment & Development: course tracks include agribusiness economics, environmental policy, climate change management, carbon management, sustainable development, environmental resources management, NGO management