Sector and Industry

Business School Africa offers its various programmes based on career clusters which encompass virtually all occupations from the entry stage through the professional levels and to the executive stage. The strategy behind career clustering is to be able to identify the knowledge and skills needed to follow a pathway toward career goals and provide a context for exploring the many occupational options available. These clusters are divided into different pathways that are grouped by the knowledge and skills required for occupations in these career fields. To be able to classify the groupings of these career areas very well, we define each career cluster by the sector or industry related to the jobs. Thus, our programmes are able to offer exactly what are required in the field and not just theory. So, for a new graduate, he is able to easily fit into the industry. And the experienced learner keeps getting more experiences via our dynamic curricula. It is a practical learning time for all.

The following are sectors and industries of focus: Accounting & Finance; Fashion, Interiors & Designs; Health, Medical & Pharmaceuticals; Business, Economics & Management; Information Systems & Telecoms; Facilities & Properties; Energy; Politics, Legal Studies & Governance; Transport, Logistics & Planning; Research, Education & Training; Media, PR & Communication; Hospitality, Tourism & Events; Agriculture, Environment & Development; Applied & Interdisciplinary

Also, below are some programmes and course tracks, matched with their respective sectors and industries on offer:

  1. Information Systems & Technology: Information Systems Management/ Innovation & Technology Management/Information & Knowledge Management/ Technology Management/Systems Management
  2. Contract Management & Acquisition/ Tendering (Government/NGO/Private Sector)/ Consulting (Management, Business, Research, Educational, Training, Services, etc.)
  3. Economic Management/Management Economics/Fraud Management
  4. Healthcare Systems Management/Healthcare & Insurance Management/Hospital Management/Clinical Management/Medical Laboratory Management/Pharmaceutical Management/Healthcare Services Management/Community Health Management
  5. Management (General/Commercial Management/Exports Management/Global Management/Service Management/Production Management/Customer Relationship Management/Church Management/Risk Management/Communication Management/ Human Resource Management/International Business/Total Quality Management/Real Estate Management/ International Business Management/Labour Union Management, Industrial Relations Management/e-Business Management/e-Commerce Management/Franchising Management/International Trade Management/Business Continuity Management/Change Management
  6. Local & Regional Government Management/International Relations & Management/NGO Management/Public Management/Human Services Management/Public Policy & Management/Public Finance & Management/Fiscal Policy & Management
  7. Finance/Financial Management/Financial Services Management/Financial Planning/Investment Management/Management Accounting & Control/Corporate Financial Management/Accounting/ Banking (Commercial, Banking Operations, Bank Marketing, Bank Management)/Banking & Finance Management/Branch Banking Management/Cost & Financial Management/International Financial Management
  8. Project Management/Aviation Management/Airline & Airport Management/Shipping & Port Management/Shipping & Logistics Management/Airline & Logistics Management/IT Project Management/Supply Management/Contract Management/Acquisition Management/Business/ Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain Management/Logistics Management/Global Logistics Management/Operations Management/Program Management/ Project Planning & Finance Management/Supply Chain Management/Transport Management/Infrastructure Management/ Project Quality Management
  9. Knowledge Management (Education/Training/Human Capital)
  10. Hospitality Management/Sports Management/Events Management/Hotel Management/ Hospitality, Sport & Tourism Management/Sports & Events Management/International Events Management
  11. Insurance Management/Disaster Management/Environmental Management/Crisis Management
  12. Marketing/Marketing Management/Sales Management/Retail Management/Brand Marketing Management/Social Marketing/Internet & Email Marketing/Luxury Brand Management/International Marketing/International Marketing Management
  13. Entrepreneurship Management/Start-Up Business Management/Ventures Management/ Entrepreneurial Management/Small Business Management/Family Business Management
  14. Agricultural Management/ Energy Management (options in: Energy, Oil & Gas; Power)/ Oil & Gas Trade Management/Farm Management//Farm Economics/Agricultural Marketing