Customised Programme
Our custom programme not only helps develop individual and organisational capabilities, they transform the way you think. Starting with a detailed needs analysis, we will work with you to understand how to address the issues you face. Together we will create a tailor-made programme to achieve your objectives. Crucially this programme will interact with your business/organisation on many levels.

Our programme gives new perspectives on today’s business issues and helps uncover the right solutions for individual organisations. Working with our faculty, business leaders and the wider Cambridge community, participants will explore and analyse options, learn new approaches, and make long lasting changes to their skills and their businesses.

We design each custom programme to solve real business issues. Once we have defined what is limiting an organisation’s or a sector’s success, we identify the knowledge, behaviours and actions that will make a difference. Then we bring together experts from academia and industry, applying the latest research and thinking and turning knowledge into action.

We build programmes that are designed to solve real problems for organisations. We identify what is limiting an organisation’s or a sector’s success and we identify the knowledge, behaviour and actions that really need to change. We then create programmes that address those needs.

We work in true partnership with clients before, during and after their programme and add value through multi-level relationships all levels of our offerings and beyond. Business School Africa is founded on strong interdisciplinary research, linking networks of people from across the School, the larger organisation and business communities. These add to the quality of our delivery.

We follow a proven approach that begins with an exploration of your organisation and includes a needs analysis that will identify the key issues. We establish multi-level connections with your organisation, creating improvements that extend beyond the immediate effects of the residential programme. In this way, over time, we change behaviour throughout your organisation. The result will be a new way of thinking and a new way of acting. Our output is transformative – bringing long-term benefits to both organisations and individuals.

Whatever transformations you need to make to your business or organisation – large or small, individual or collective – we can help them happen. Our experienced team can tell you more about the benefits of learning from Business School Africa, or can advise you on creating the ideal custom programme for your organisation.

The following areas could be more of interest to you:
• Finance and Accounting • General Management and Leadership • Innovation • Marketing • People and Management • Professional Service Firms • Strategy • Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning • Financial Analysis and Policy • Africa and Global Business • International Business Management • International Human Resource Management • Process Excellence and Innovation • Risk Studies

We’re always happy to talk about new projects or to discuss your business issues. Feel free to get in touch. Contact us via:

Specialties Programme
Specialties programme is closed time programme offering that is only available in certain period of time when it is advertised. It ensures that participants are able to focus on a specialty, or pursue a wider overview across many subjects. It serves as a means of intervention in the business economy allowing personalized intellectual exploration. It also ensures alignment of learning to your business or organisation strategy. The courses are carefully selected as interventions strategy to enable us equips learners with the required knowledge and skills for improved business performance. Some of the key focus learning areas include but not limited to the following:

The Masters of Certificate (MCert) is the qualification awarded on completion of the programme.

Fees applies to the Customised & Specialties Programmes.